Slurries, manures and green wastes including fruit and vegetable waste can all be turned into re-usable energy through anaerobic digestion. 

If you process what you grow on the farm, run holiday cottages or any additional business that uses electricity or heat, you can use the resulting electricity and heat you produce, and get paid to do so.  We can even convert your waste heat to cold, with a compact, economic and flexible resorption system.

You may even be able to get government help to fund the installation.

The end product can still be spread on your land as a fertiliser.

So why throw away waste when you can turn it into energy and additional income?

All you have to do is find the space – we have sizes to suit most operations.

We source the best technology for your needs and install the plant.

We proactively monitor your plant and tell you what you need to do to keep it running at peak performance.

We can even run it for you if you want.

We source the best, we install, we support. What’s not to like?


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