Get more from your AD plant

Looking to maximise the return from your existing AD plant?

No need to rebuild, we can help you get more from your feedstock with a few straightforward additions:

• Get between 10% and 25% increased gas yield with our ultrasound disintegrator.

• Check your digester for invisible leaks to make sure you aren’t letting any valuable gas escape

• Replace worn out stirrers in your digester without emptying the tank.

• Make your new stirrers, pumps and other equipment last longer by installing our de-gritter that removes

damaging stones, grit and glass before it reaches your digester.

• Pre-empt problems and optimise efficiency with remote monitoring and control

These are all relatively low-capital cost improvements you can make to get immediate improvements in the performance of your AD plant, without long downtimes.

Increased gas yield, low-capital costs, minimum downtime. What’s not to like?


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