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Our plug and play separation system from German company North-Tec Biogas practically looks after itself, so you can concentrate on what matters.

The system separates spent digestate into its liquid and solid components.   The resulting liquid can be used for irrigation or pumped back into your digesters to control the consistency of the sludge, reducing the occurrence of floating sludge blankets and improving gas yield.

The odourless solids can be stored in the open air, eliminating the need for a storage tank.  They can be used on your own fields as they are, or dried further and bagged up to be sold as fertiliser or animal bedding.

Our all-in-one, self-contained system runs automatically, mainly through gravity.

The separated liquid is pumped to where you need it, while solids simply drop out into your collection/storage area.  Our patented breakthrough cut-off system means that liquid won’t get into the solids and you don’t have to keep checking on it.

Insulation, robust construction and a built-in control panel mean that the system can be simply installed outside your digester and run independently all year round.

That also makes it easy to retrofit to an existing installation.

Robust, retro-fittable, practically looks after itself.   What’s not to like?

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