State of the Art de-packager

Our de-packager from Swiss company Hybag breaks up and separates packaged or bagged food into clean, dry, shredded plastic and a pumpable organic substrate in one simple low-energy, low-water process.

The resulting plastic contains less than 1% of organic matter, which means you save money on landfill or incineration and make more money out of the organic waste.

The organic substrate contains less than 1% of plastic, and has an average particle size of less than 4mm, which means that you get more energy from the digestion process.

The machine itself takes up just 5.25m2 (you need to allow at least 150m2 for a reception area, conveyors and tanks), and is capable of processing up to 20 cubic metres of waste per hour.

Simple, efficient, compact.   What’s not to like?  

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